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First, we’ll review what has worked for others. In this article, we talk about the usual instructions for setting up a vision board that is supposed to help you achieve your goals and aspirations. Next, we’ll walk step-by-step through the process of modifying these instructions for your particular case. Finally, we’ll troubleshoot areas of particular concern, and expand on approaches and concepts that may work for you, even if dream boarding never has worked before.

If you have not yet designed your story, this would be a good time to do that, as we explore in some detail the role fear can play in our lives, and how to begin overcoming.


Vision Boarding Resources

We have no intention of rewriting what others have done so well. Therefore we have included a couple links to what we consider to be the best articles available on basic vision boarding methods. Each of these articles leads to others, so you can pursue this subject as far as you want to on your own. Meanwhile, we’ll briefly review the basic ideas, and discuss what vision boarding is and is not.

Vision boarding is:

  • A way to define what you want to become, and what lifestyle you intend to grow into.
  • A visual, daily cue to role play the life you want.
  • Based on emotions, not facts or logic. This is because our heart operates on desires, not logic.

Vision boarding is not:

  • Another to-do list, and is . . .
  • . . . definitely not a honey-do list.

No One Else Can Do This for You

You are solely responsible for the state of your vision board and what remains on it. You are also responsible for how you view your board, and for using it effectively.

Basic Process for Development

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