Emmanuel Motelin

Calgary, Canada

A cybersecurity specialist with a passion for music compositions using only computers and synthesizers to compose, orchestrate & arrange. My other hobbies involve long exposure photography where I primarily focus on slow shutter subjects such as stars & light trails.


I am a tech-professional specializing in the field of cybersecurity while endeavoring to spark distinctive forms of art in music compositions using only computers and synthesizers to compose, orchestrate and arrange. My other hobbies involve photography where I primarily focus on long exposure to subjects such as stars and light trails. Inspiration emanates from so many roots, with deeper contemplations of our universe and the reality we are all a part of an equivalent continuum. It makes me feel as if I could take my own journey into outer space. More than that, I love visualizing images when coming up with tunes as it triggers in my head while developing a track. For example, I picture myself as an astronaut floating weightlessly into space. I produce music in the sorts of sci-fi, cyberpunk and the main one being Space Ambient. I strongly believe atmospheric ambiance connects us with a tradition of contemplative sound experiences whose roots are ancient and diverse. The space ambient genre spans historical, ethnic, and contemporary styles. I started experimenting when Interstellar was first released in theatres. I admire making space music as it often takes me to worlds that are much more peaceful. There’s no focus on time, schedules, disturbance, or turmoil. There’s only peace, stillness, and love. It makes us as human beings almost wonder why life here on earth isn’t like that. This is where my Cyberpunk sound works come to play as a tech geek, In the future, the world is going to need more computer engineers, programmers, and technicians. My single 3047, focuses on a globalized society where those who know how to shape consciousness will come out on top, a vision of the world very recognizable to us today. Some humans will look into bionic enhancements to improve their mental and physical capabilities, a divergent human and cyborg class will emerge, splitting the human population not just by race, but by ability and potentially creating new sub-species. I also plan to write a book as these varied examples of current technology suggest, intelligent software is gradually spreading into common households. Humanity’s future is based on science guiding a technology that we will not be able to outperform.


Please email your questions or concerns to emmanuel@motelin.ca


Can I use your music on my videos?

As a creator, you are more than welcome to use my music compositions in your videos, credits are greatly appreciated and can be as simple as “Music by Emmanuel Motelin” along with “Music Title”

Why did I receive a claim on my video?

YouTube gives copyright owners a system called Content ID to monitor the use of copyrighted music in any video that is published. Anytime a video using copyrighted music is uploaded to YouTube, a claim will automatically be placed on the video and Ads served.

If your Instagram/Facebook video was affected, unfortunately, there is no way to whitelist your link but you can purchase a master license for your dispute to be approved.

How can I remove a copyright claim on my video?

In order for your YouTube channel to be whitelisted, a master licensing will need to be applied for commercial purposes and signed with all parties. Please email emmanuel@motelin.ca for the next steps. In some cases, I may proactively release a claim if a video is determined to meet the fair use standard. Learn more about content ID.

How do I get featured on the Space Ambient Journey playlist on Spotify?

The Space Ambient Journey playlist is home to space music geeks. It currently has over 2500 followers with the main genre being, “Space Ambient” In order to properly evaluate your request, please forward your inquiry to my email listed above the FAQ tab, and explain your goals as an artist and why you believe your music is a perfect fit for the playlist. Please limit your request to a minimum of 4 tracks, only the first 4 tracks will be reviewed if an album is submitted through email. Alternatively, you may refer to this form. Please note: Not all genres are suitable for this playlist. Message requests on social media platforms will not be considered for evaluation. If you`ve been featured on this playlist before, you will need to submit your new music again to be reviewed.

Are you open to paid advertising?

Paid advertising is one of the most effective ways to promote your business. At this time only businesses with established notability are eligible to be featured as “Sponsored Placements” on any of my social media accounts on a case by case basis. Inquiries from personal email addresses will not be reviewed. Thanks for your understanding.

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