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Elon Musk announced in the late hours of Thursday that he had indeed tested positive twice for coronavirus, weirdly, also tested negative on the same day. According to the Harvard Medical School, false negatives for PCR tests can range from just two to as high as 37 percent. He also added that he has had the indications of a common cold. “Mild sniffles & cough & slight fever past few days,” he added later. “Right now, no symptoms, although I did take NyQuil.”

NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine told reporters at a briefing ahead of SpaceX and NASA’s historic Crew-1 launch that he anticipates SpaceX CEO Elon Musk to “quarantine and self-isolate” after testing positive for the covid-19 late on Thursday, as SpaceNews senior writer Jeff Foust reported on Twitter.


“Technically, I tested positive, then negative twice, then positive again, so “Elon Musk Tests Negative for Covid” is an equally correct title. The “rapid antigen test” from BD seems to be about as useful as a flipping a coin.” Originally tweeted by Elon Musk (@elonmusk) on 11/13/2020.

“We are looking to SpaceX to do any contact tracing that is appropriate and then of course if there are changes that need to be made, we will look at those but it’s very early right now to know if any changes are necessary at this point,” he added. “We just don’t know.”