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A lot of people anticipated by the year 2020 that the world would be flying cars. “Back to the Future,” film comes to mind in this one but now a reality: A car successfully took flight in Japan.

The concept model, called SD-XX, is the world’s smallest eVTOL, at 1.5 meters tall and measuring 4 meters by 3.5 meters across. Resembling a car-size drone, the first model is expected to debut in 2023 by SkyDrive. While some parts of the planet are busy with politics, the Japanese government is flooding capital into the development of flying cars, the Japan Times reports.

The goal of the startup is to sell at least 100 vehicles by 2028, each for the cost of an “expensive car,” according to the CEO. Nearly every futuristic science fiction movie features a flying car of some sort, the problem is that they may be incredibly difficult to operate based on the promotional video.

A new market for the vehicles “could likely begin as an ultra-niche enhancement to existing transportation infrastructure. Furthermore suggesting that if technology teams are to drive innovation and be change advocates, reducing emission costs depreciates traffic pollution. Some individuals still have a troublesome experience driving in a 2-dimensional space. The thought of them adding height to this level is concerning yet exciting.