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Tesla’s new Model S takes your entertainment on the road with three high-resolution displays, including a 17-inch front center touchscreen and an eight-inch back screen made for streaming your favorite movies or even playing your favorite video games.

Boasting a 10-teraflop gaming computer, the Tesla Model S’s gaming capabilities are comparable to the PS5 and Xbox Series X. The electric car also includes its own Netflix theater, allowing passengers to watch a show like The Witcher then play its namesake game.


Purchase of the Model S includes a complimentary year of premium connectivity, which includes live traffic views, satellite-view maps, “karaoke,” music streaming, an internet browser, and video streaming access with services including Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, Twitch, and more.

The Tesla’s gaming computer includes wireless control capability, so passengers can play from anywhere in the sports car. And its 22-speaker system rivals any theater’s surround sound system.

Bluetooth capability is included, as are USB-C and wireless fast charging for each passenger. Custom driver profiles allow for easy entry and operation, and a phone key adds to ease of use.

While the Model S is not Tesla’s first foray into incorporating gaming into its cars, the new system is thus far the company’s most powerful, keeping even the most avid gamers in awe of its speed, graphics, and capability.

The gaming system is not the only source of speed in the new sedan, though. The car includes a refreshed powertrain, which includes power electronics, a new style battery pack, an updated drive unit, and a top speed of 200 mph. It also runs 0-60 mph in two seconds and has a 390-mile range.


Tesla changed the steering control to a yoke-style “wheel,” giving the car a futuristic look, but more importantly, better performance when drivers use the car’s automatic parking feature.

Model S production will begin in the company’s Fremont, CA factory early this year, with the first custom deliveries estimated to arrive in March. (The company’s website,, does include some existing inventory models for immediate purchase and touchless delivery.)

Anyone interested in this entertainment powerhouse on wheels can visit to custom design their own Model S, including a choice of five exterior colors, two-wheel types, three colors of interior, and the option to add full self-driving capability, which features a full self-driving computer, autopilot, and more.