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Technology seems to be moving at a pace faster than most can acknowledge. New consumer items transition from design to prototype to market-ready within a fraction of the previous time needed to acquire the identical. It is not just the speed in which these items are being created that are worrisome but the quality of the tech itself. It’s not hard to replicate the same sentences used millennia before, it’s easy to see that whichever allotted Era of time you are in, you will most likely believe it to be on the precipice of something otherworldly.

The distinction is that now we truly do have abstract ideas being turned into real-life each day. So may I pause to ask you, where is this all going, and at what period do we lose what it means to be homo-sapiens and maybe more frightening, will we even know when the change comes? Does a caterpillar know it will become a butterfly? Does a locust know it came from a grasshopper?


New tech being developed is superseding our understanding of what is capable in reality. CRISPR gene editing bacterial software is allowing us to change the genetic DNA structure of living things. SpaceX is on the verge of rewriting space travel history as we see reduced costs in manufacturing, increased efficiency, and upgraded software as a fraction of the cost. Humans will land on a second planet in 50 years.

TimeCrystals are a matter, that alone blows my tiny ape sized brain. Quantum computing is becoming increasingly common for tech firms to take on. Biotechnology is a word that is used in real-life everyday scenarios where growth and human optimization along with Healthcare tiptoe across a tightrope of moral and legal issues. Who knows what’s going on in Chinese, Russian, American, and British covert mystery projects. It’s not hard to look at our past offenses and summon up the idea of human testing.

Tech Giants

Tech giants like Microsoft, Apple, Google, Facebook control more than is perceived, they have power across the global digital infrastructure and use that power to benefit their corporations. The divide is only worsening, stretching beyond what we thought was possible. Tech will eventually close this gap, but that will be a long way away after we come to terms with our selfish ability to harm ourselves and others. The true growth we need is not in the physical external realm associated with our phone and laptops and entertainment systems and shoes and such, but inside us, in every one of us.

We have a global pandemic setting ablaze the world around us, pollutants killing the planet, domesticated animals wasted by the million, the land destroyed and water made toxic, all in the effort to produce more, to grow above the normal savage confines of human existence and rise above the rest, a hero of sorts, only this hero wears Prada and Gucci and the newest iPhone and thinks the world revolves around there spinal cord. Cancer afflicts the masses, diabetes, heart disease, obesity, lung cancer and death from alcohol obliterate the rest. Attachment to life and fear of death along with more mental health disorders than you could fit in a 10,000-word dissertation has ruined humanity.


However, if you analyze it, you will find it. A gleam of hope, a ray of sunshine, a reason to have faith. Mother nature knows what’s best. And she doesn’t worry so much for good or bad. Just with what is. And what is, well, what is just that, and if it wasn’t, then it wouldn’t be what is, and then you wouldn’t have to bother with any of it in the first place. So shut your mouth, smile, turn your gaze inwards and use your new phone to take stunning selfies of your new enlightenment.


Our deep curiosity for exploration, this incessant need to develop and grow. I believe now we are on the path we are on for a reason, I have faith. I hope you can too.