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Don`t we all dislike forgetting passwords or is it simply a habit of human beings? Browsers like Google, Firefox, Safari to name just few; are a saving grace. They can remember it for us so we don`t have to worry! After all, the most straightforward approach for a hacker to get your secret information is by taking your login credentials through a cyberattack.

If you unintentionally saved your password or other sign-in information in your browser, it’s a good idea for you to delete it even your banks browser. Sometimes it’s not just an enigma of “Is Chrome password manager secure.” You might be astounded to find how many passwords Chrome has already stored in its vault that you don’t remember putting there.

“Cyber criminals can use personal details, such as your favorite color, the last four digits of your credit card and your email addresses, to make educated guesses about your sign-in credentials.” – Larry Alton

Here are some tips when it comes to a password:

  • Create your own Code
  • Use a phrase from a Memorable Sentence only you can identify
  • Do not ever use your birth date, school code and or work number
  • Use a Base Word in your mind
  • Avoid Password Patterns and Common Passwords
  • Choose Four Random Words Right Now
  • If You Write Your Passwords Down, Disguise Them

With all the websites we log into every day, forgetting passwords can become a hassle. I would recommend Norton password manager it’s free and you can generate any password and control the length of the password. A quality password manager app, on the other hand, provides features that go above and beyond. Remember to constantly change your password every 90 days!